HAVING STOOD THE TEST OF TIME, THE KELLEY HOUSE HOTEL has been welcoming travelers from all over the world since 1742. The Hotel’s unique location in the heart of Edgartown on the island of Martha’s Vineyard is one of the most attractive features of the Kelley House, which brings a unique set of challenges to the preservation and rehabilitation of its landscapes, buildings, and amenities.

THE HISTORIC PRESERVATION FUND of 4.5% is collected to preserve and protect these landscapes, buildings, and amenities that have played a meaningful role in Kelley House’s past while carefully integrating continuous improvements for the future. The proceeds from this fund will also have an important economic, environmental, and educational impact on the hotel and the surrounding community of Martha’s Vineyard. We want to be a part of preserving Martha’s Vineyard’s unique history, and the role Kelley House has played for hundreds of years, so that future generations can experience and discover their own connections to the Island.

WE ARE ALSO COMMITTED TO PARTNERING with the Island community in funding its own historic preservation projects. Our specially appointed Historic Preservation Board pledges 25% of all Historic Preservation Fund assessments directly to benefit historic preservation projects of our preservation partners across Martha’s Vineyard. Our partners include the Martha's Vineyard Preservation Trust and other selected historic preservation projects all over the island.

Recent Restoration Projects

  • 51 North Water Street, "Mizzen Top House," Edgartown
  • 51 North Water Street, "Chappy House," Edgartown
  • 37 North Water Street, "Court House," Edgartown
  • 6 Kelley Street, "Edgar MV," Edgartown
  • 23 Kelley Street "1742 Building" mechanical infrastructure restoration, Edgartown

Future Restoration Projects

  • 23 Kelley Street, "1742 Building," Edgartown
  • 51 North Water Street, "Carriage House," Edgartown
  • Island-wide historic preservation projects being planned in collaboration with the Martha's Vineyard Preservation Trust